design and manufacture transparent security products with the unique ability to combine the age-old, dependable physical security barrier system with new, sophisticated alarm monitoring systems to create the ultimate security product.

This patented Armed Bar Technology makes it possible to provide around the- clock protection, while providing an aesthetically pleasing transparent barrier in the home or workplace at an affordable cost.

The Armed Bar Technology, which is made up of polycarbonate clear bars, are at the forefront of security products.

With a product line-up that includes with state of the art Smart Bars, Safety Bars, Trojan Gate and HotLock systems. Providing the ultimate protection options to consumers.

Further additions to this high-tech range of products are currently under construction.

For the first time ever, consumers are now able to have 24-hour alarm protection while maintaining their ordinary movements in and around their property.

Our products have high tech advantages backed with old fashioned service giving you added value throughout our product range.

All Armed Bar products undergo strict quality control. With trained personnel who specialize in the manufacture and assembly of the Armed Bar Technology product range, we are better equipped to supply a far more superior product.

What is Armed Bar Technology?

Armed Bar Technology
Armed Bar Technology is a transparent security barrier which is manufactured from polycarbonate material and has been armed with a specially designed thin wire on both sides of the bar.

These wires are in-series connected and is not visible when looking through the bar.

At its core, Armed Bar Technology products boast the following features:

Physically strong transparent barrier – made from approved polycarbonate material that is aesthetically pleasing with impeccable, high-impact strength. This material is typically used by police officers as shields during riots, bullet resistant and airplane windows.

The barriers are armed 24/7 – The Armed Bar Technology allows for a thin wire to be securely wedged in specially made grooves on either side of a transparent polycarbonate bar. The wire can be connected to any alarm monitoring system and will provide the most secure alarm sensor. This will provide your client with a permanent armed perimeter protection.

How does it work?

The in-series connection of the wire in the transparent bar receives an electrical pulse from the alarm board. An end-of- line resistor also protects the bars if the electrical pulse is bypassed or bridged. Should the bars be kicked out, cut, melted or tampered with in an attempt to burglarize the property, the thin wire will break and instantly activate the alarm.

Armed Bar Technology is technology and innovation you can trust. The unique selling point of the Armed Bar product range is that it ingeniously combines two different branches of traditional security barriers to form one truly efficient security product.

What Are Smart Bars?

Smart Bar is a transparent security window guard fitted with Armed Bar Technology that has the impressive ability to protect the home and inhabitants with physically strong, clear bars that are integrated with a 24/7 active alarm monitoring system. This will provide the client with a permanent armed perimeter protection.

These aesthetically pleasing physical security barriers completely eliminate the imposing prison-like feel, that traditional, “third world” metal security barriers give. Smart Bars will provide the customer with the kind of freedom they deserve.

Why range of products with its patented Armed Bar Technology are unparalleled in the security industry in the US, and will provide the best possible protection to consumers with a “simple” solution.

Our products are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, whilst still providing you the ultimate physical barrier by supplying an added benefit of a 24-hour alarm monitoring protection.

This unique feature makes our products the most secure alarm sensor ever developed with easy installation benefits.